Wednesday, October 27, 2010

JR 2011 TED Prize winner

"Photograffeur" JR who is mostly known for his infamous Face 2 Face installations in Palestine and Israel has been awarded the 2011 TED Prize award. TED Prize Director Amy Novogratz was looking for an individual who had "a track record for changing the world in innovative ways, who hopefully has mobility and charisma, and who works on a global level” to be the recipient of the award. JR's larger than life photographs spread from walls on Parisian slums to huts in Africa, Brazil and India telling the story of the people. JR's work is truly inspiring and innovative.

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Canon Pixma Sound Sculptures

Dentsu London and photographer Linden Gledhill teamed up on a new project to create paint sculptures for Canon’s PIXMA colour printers. Using high speed cameras and still cameras to capture droplets of paint as they bounced on a membrane wrapped around a small speaker to different sound waves they created these sound sculptures.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mark Whalen

Works by Australian artist Mark Whalen also known as Kill Pixie.

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